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Demon Slayer

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Demon Slayer

This quest guide was written by IgnisDeus and published at

Difficulty: Easy

Items needed: 1 Coin, Bucket of water

Start Location: The Gypsy in Varrock square

1. Talk to the Gypsy in town square of Varrock. Bring along 1 coin to pay her to talk to you. She'll ask you to give her silver. By this she means 1 gold coin. She'll tell you about the whole Delrith leveling Varrock story. She'll tell you that you are the one destined to kill him. She'll also tell you to talk to Sir Prysin to get the Silverlight. Make sure you ask, "What is the magical incantation?"

2. Talk to Sir Prysin; he is in the Varrock Castle, which is north of the Gypsy. Sir Prysin is normally on the west wing of the building wearing a helmet. Talk to him about the keys.

3. After you talk to Sir Prysin, head north inside that building a ways and find a staircase leading up  (in northwest wing of the palace). Climb up two times and find a guy named Captain Rovin. Tell him your story and then ask for the key. He should give you a key.

4. Get a bucket (can be bought at a general store for 2 coins) and fill it with water. Bring it back to the Varrock castle and use it on the drain on the east side of the building. It should mention something about a key going into the sewer.

5. Go around the castle and go down the manhole into the sewer. Go west just a little past level 3 rats and then north. If there isn't one there, just search around that area. You should see a red dot on the map. If you're attacking a scorpion or zombie you've gone the wrong way. Once you find the key grab it. Note you have about 5 minutes to find it, then it will disappear and you'll have to use water on the drain again.

6. Since you're down there, turn around back towards that ladder and kill some of those level 3 rats running around. Try to get some bones. You need at least 25 bones for the last key. If you need to go to the bank, go ahead. Just collect 25 bones from anywhere and head towards the Wizard's tower. The Wizard's tower is south of Draynor Village or west from Lumbridge then south from Draynor.

7. Once inside the Wizard's tower, go up the first staircase. Talk to Traiborn the Wizard, and he'll ask you to collect 25 bones for the magic spell to unlock the key. Talk to him again and give him the 25 bones. One at a time you'll give him the bones and after 25 he'll cast a spell, wave his arms and then give you a key after he smiles. Now you should have 3 keys; 1 from Captain Rovin, 1 from the Varrock sewer pipes, 1 from Traiborn the Wizard.

8. Head back to the Varrock Castle. Once there, talk to Sir Prysin again, and give him the three keys. He should give you the Silverlight Sword.

9. Take the new sword and maybe some armor, and head to the Delrith, southeast of Varrock by the Stone Hedge. Wield your Silverlight Sword and attack the Delrith. He is level 30. You should hit him a couple of times, and then you will say "Now what was that incantation again?" Then a list of spells to say will appear in the top left corner of your screen. Click the very bottom one. It should read, "Carlem Aber Camerinthum Purchai Gabindo." You will say it. Now he should die and your quest is complete!

Reward: 3 quest points, Silverlight sword (weak but useful for fighting demons)

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