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Knights' Sword

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The Knight's Sword

Description: Sir Vyvin's squire is in trouble. He has lost Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword. Help him find a replacement without Sir Vyvin finding out.

Difficulty level: Medium

Items needed: a pickaxe, and a partner for doing point 4 (not really an item)

Start Location: White Knight's Castle in Falador

1. Go to the White Knights Castle in Falador, talk to the squire about the sword. Then go to Varrock.

2. Once at Varrock, go to the library (in the northern end of the Varrock Palace) and talk to Reldo about the dwarves. He'll tell you about the long gone dwarves. Get a redberry pie by making it (pie pan, flour, water, red berry pie filling then cook it) or buy one off somebody.

3. Head south below Port Sarim and talk to Thurgo. First give him the pie. Then talk to him about the sword. He'll tell you he needs a picture of it. Head back to the White Knight's Castle. Talk to the Squire about the picture.

4. Go to the northeast side and go up two ladders. You'll find sir Vyvin in a small room. You need a partner to talk to him while you search the cupboard. Once you find the portrait go down.

5. Get 2 iron bars, and a pickaxe with some armor and a weapon. Maybe some food. Then head back to Thurgo.

6. Give him the picture and he'll ask for 2 iron bars and a blurite ore. Look in the smithing guide to learn how to get iron bars. Go around his little cliff and down into the mine where hobgoblins (level 28) then ice warriors (level 53), and ice giants await you (level 54). Usually there are people in this dungeon. Go on a crowded server for the least danger. Mine for blurite ore in the north rocks and once you do get out of there.

7. Once you have the 2 iron bars and 1 blurite ore, go back to Thurgo and give him the stuff. He'll make the blurite sword for you.

8. The sword only has 11 aim and 11 power nothing special. Take it back to the squire at the White Knight's Castle and receive your reward.

Reward: 1 quest point and some smithing experience (12725 at level 30 smithing) - usually about 2-8 Smithing levels (the lower your level the more levels you will gain.)

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