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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet

Difficulty level: Easy

Items needed: None

Start Location: Varrock town square

1: Talk to Juliet. You'll find her in a house north-west of Varrock. You should receive a Scroll you must deliver to Romeo.

2: Give the scroll to Romeo who is at the marketplace square, located in the center of Varrock.

3: Talk to Juliet once again. She will tell you to go to Father Lawrence. He is located in the church by the sewers. Father Lawrence will tell you to find a potion to make Juliet appear dead.

4: Cadaver berries needed to make the potion can be found in he forest near Varrock's south-east mine.

5: Go to the Apothecary in Varrock behind the Smithing building west of Varrock. You will receive a cadaver potion.

6: Take the potion to Father Lawrence and then to Juliet. Juliet will ask you to go and remind Romeo to get her from the crypt.

7: Go to Romeo once more and tell him the news.

Reward: 5 quest points

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