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Rune Mysteries

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Rune Mysteries

Difficulty level: Very easy

Start location: Lumbridge castle, 1st floor

1. Talk to the Duke Horacio on the 1st floor in Lumbridge castle. He will give you an Air Talisman to take to the Great Wizard Sedridor in the Wizard Tower (S-W from Lumbridge).

2. Talk to Sedridor in the basement of the Wizards Tower. He will give you a package ask you to take it to Aubrey (the Rune seller in Varrock.)

3. Teleport (or walk...) to Varrock, talk to Aubury. He will ask you to take some notes back to the Great Wizard Sedridor.

4. Talk to the Great Wizard, he will give you back your talisman - you have finished the quest! Now you can make your own runes.

Reward: Ability to craft runes

How to make runes:

First you need to teleport to rune mining area. Empty your inventory, take your air amulet and a pickaxe. Talk either to the Great Wizard Sedridor or to Aubrey, they will transport you to the rune mining area. Go to the large rock (Rune Essence), mine unbound rune stone until your inventory is full (it goes fast with RS2 automatic mining) and get back through the yellow portal near it.

Next go to the mysterious runes South of Falador. Note that you can use the "Locate" feature of your air talisman to find it. Use your talisman with the mysterious ruins and you will be teleported to the runecrafting area. Use one rune essence on the altar and all your unbound rune stones will become air runes.

Go through the portal to get back.

The same goes with other runes, you'll only need higher levels to make them, you will also have to get other talismans.

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