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Sheep Shearer

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Sheep Shearer

Difficulty level: Easy

Items needed: Shears (can be bought from a general store for 1 coin)

Start location: The house west of the sheep field, north-west of Lumbridge

1. Go to the house, talk to Fred the Farmer. He will ask you to deliver 20 wool yarn balls to him. You have to find a tool you can use to gather wool, and then take the wool somewhere so you can spin it into yarn.

2. Go to the sheep field with shears. Use shears on sheep. Repeat until you have 20 raw wool.

3. Go to the Lumbridge Castle tower (2nd floor of the South tower) or to Barbarian Village to make wool on a spinning wheel.

4. Take the wool back to Fred the Farmer to complete the quest.

Reward: 1 quest point, 60 coins, crafting experience (150)

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