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Shield of Array

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Shield of Arrav

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium

Items needed: 20 coins and a friend to help you with this quest (someone who has not done it and will do it parallel to you or a player from an opposite gang).

Start Location: Varrock Palace library

  1. Go talk to Reldo in the Varrock Palace library (in the north part of the palace). Tell him you're in search of a quest. Go up to the bookcases and one of them will have a search option. Search the bookcase and you will find a book (in the center of the room, in a bookcase you can 'Check'.) Read it. Once you're finished talk to Reldo again, who will tell you to talk to Baraek. 
  2. Go find Baraek who is in the Varrock marketplace. Give him 20 coins and he will tell you about the Phoenix Gang. They are found, as he said, in an alleyway, down a ladder, in southeast Varrock. 
  3. Now you will need to choose your gang. Up to this point both participants will have had to do all of the above. Now below is one of the gangs you can join, the Phoenix Gang. The other person will need to join the Black Arm Gang. Or reverse :)

Phoenix Gang Member

  1. Before going to the gang go to the Blue Moon Inn and kill Johnny the Beard (level 5)
  2. After killing Johnny, take the scroll he dropped and go to the Phoenix Gangs house. It is marked by a large dungeon icon on your map in the South Varrock.
  3. Go down the ladder and talk to the gang leader, Straven, he will talk and talk about vtm corporation, tell him you know who they really are.
  4. He says okay and ask him to join. He says you have to kill an agent and bring his intelligence scroll. You already have that.
  5. Give it to the gang leader and he'll let you inside. Get the shield from a South-West chest, get two Phoenix crossbows from the store and make your friend get the other part in the Black Arm gang.

Black Arm Gang Member

  1. Go talk to the tramp who is just north of the south entrance to Varrock on the west wall, in an alleyway. Ask him what's back there, and he'll tell you it's the Black Arm Gang.
  2. Go through the alley into the building and speak to Katrine. Tell her you want to become a member of the gang and she will make you steal two Phoenix crossbows from the Phoenix Gang. It's a task for your friend.
  3. Have your friend from the Phoenix Gang go to the Blue Moon Inn and kill Johnny the Beard (level 5), retrieve the scroll and go to the Phoenix Gang while you talk to the gang leader, located in a small house where it will be marked by a dungeon icon on your map.
  4. The Phoenix Gang leader will give him a key to the Phoenix Gangs weapon store (located right beside the entrance.) Have your friend retrieve some crossbows from the armory and give them to you. Also before you leave make sure your friend grabs the other part of the shield for you.
  5. Now that you have the crossbows your friend's part is done; talk to Katrine and tell her about the crossbows, then enter the upper area of the gang house and retrieve the shield from a cupboard.
  6. Talk to the king Roald and he will tell you to go to the museum to show the curator. The curator will give you 2 scrolls.
  7. Take the scrolls to the king and claim your reward.

Reward: 1 quest point, 2 certificates - each of which grants the bearer a 600gp reward when presented to the King (note: king will only pay once; just give the other certificate to player that helped)

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