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Vampire Slayer

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Vampire Slayer

Difficulty level: Easy

Items needed: 2-4 beers, a hammer

Starting Location: Draynor Village

1. Head to Draynor Village. Go inside a building west of the grain field and go up a ladder. Search the cupboard and get the garlic. Then go downstairs and talk to Morgan. He'll tell you about Dr. Harlow. 

2. Head northeast to Varrock. North east of Varrock there is the Jolly Boar Inn. Go buy 2 beers from the bartender. Then talk to Dr. Harlow. Tell him Morgan is in trouble. He'll tell you to buy him a beer. Do this twice and the second time you'll automatically ask him about how to kill the vampires. If not, keep buying him beers until he does. After he does talk, he'll give you a stake. He'll also tell you that you need a hammer to hit the vampire right. Once he's done talking head back to Draynor. (If you don't have a hammer, go buy one from the a general store)

3. Once at Draynor, head north into the mansion with some armor, your stake, a hammer and garlic. Once inside the mansion, head east inside it and you'll see stairs going down. Go down the stairs. Open the coffin - you'll see Count Draynor (level 43). Attack him while wielding your stake. Once he's dead you'll be done! To get out of this mansion you must go out the door east of the staircase then walk around.

Reward: 3 quests points, some attack experience (4865 or level 60 attack)

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