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Witch's Potion

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Witch's Potion

Difficulty level: Easy

Items/Skills Needed: 3 coins to buy an eye of newt

Start location: Rimmington

  1. Go to the Port Sarim Magic Shop and buy an Eye of Newt for 3 coins. Now head northwest and you will get to a cow farm. Kill a cow and pick up a piece of meat.
  2. Follow the path southwest and you should come to field on the west. Pick up an onion.
  3. Head south into Rimmington. Talk to Hetty in the southeastern most building. She will tell you to get some ingredients for a potion.
  4. Go to the building just east of Hetty's house and kill a rat (level 2). It should drop a rat's tail. If you haven't started the quest then it won't drop it.
  5. Don't worry if your cooking level is too high to burn meat. Go to the house north of Betty's and cook the meat on the range. If you don't burn it, use the cooked meat on the range and that will burn it.
  6. Return to Betty with those four ingredients:
     - Eye of Newt
     - Onion
     - Rat's Tail
     - Burnt Meat

    She will tell you to drink from the cauldron. Right click on the cauldron in her house and click "drink from cauldron". The quest is now finished.

Reward: 1 quest point, some magic experience (325 at level 57 magic)

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