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Welcome to Runesquare, a Runescape site. A site made only for free Runescape members. Bringing you the easiest help and guide for beginners and experts, novices and masters playing Runescape. If you want to play Runescape, visit www.runescape.com.

Brought to you by Dwight Delleva . A player of Runescape since 2004 in the alias, "Lord Dwyt". Read an info.

While on a quest, while working, when a stranger passes by, say a word that can open and last a conversation ended with a cya later phrase assuring you and the other player to talk next time. Help others. Have loyal friends who can help you finish quests. You can do it together for closer bonds.

Quests (hide)

Finishing quests on Runescape helps you increase your skill levels and your also awarded questpoints and items. A star indicates a quest's starting point. Some requires a level high enough for combat during quest. It requires items and money also to finish a quest.

If you died, the items on your inventory gets lost. So you have to collect those quest items again. So always first store your items on the bank for assurance if your not yet ready to finished a certain quest.

The free members quest includes: Black Knights Fortress, Cooks Assistant, Demon Slayer, Dorics Quest, Dragon Slayer, Ernest the Chicken, Goblin Diplomacy, Imp Catcher, The Knights Sword, Pirates Treasure, Prince Ali Rescue, Restless Ghost, Romeo and Juliet, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, Shield of Array, Vampire Slayer, Witch's Potion.

Quests (hide)

The guilds on Runescape provides ready items for a specific routine or work purpose. There are only five Runescape guilds usable for free members. The free guilds on Runescape are the Cooks Guild, Miners Guild, Crafting Guild, Prayers Guild and the Champions Guild. Runescape guilds requires a certain skill level before you can enter. So level-up first your skills to enter the guilds.

Skills (hide)

Your skills levels-up when you're working for it. Finishing quests helps also level-up some skills.

The skills for free runescape members are: attack, hitpoints, mining, strength, smithing, defence, fishing, ranged, cooking, prayer, crafting, firemaking, magic, woodcutting, and runecrafting.

random events
Random Events (hide)

Runescape includes random events that may happen anywhere, anytime or at specific places. These events may happen while your chopping trees, mining ores, fishing, and burying bones. There are also strangers who just appears giving you some items. there are also plants that may appear anytime or at a specific place. I categorized Runescape random events into four.

Combat or Not

Work Disturbance

Friendly Strangers



Places (hide)

Know and familiarize the whole place of Runescape.


Draynor Village

Wizards Tower


Al Kharid

Barbarian Village


Around Ice Mountain



Port Sarim

Karamja Isle



Hints (hide)

Want hints?

Shops (hide)

Need items? Runescape has different kinds of shops to choose from offering you the things you needed may it be food, dress, gems, armour, weapons, runes, etc. Other stores also render services such as hair-dressing, make-over, tannery, etc.

world map
World Map (hide)

Runescape world map will help you much easier know the proper paths, directions and locations of places. Best guide if your lost.

runescape world map

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Screenshots (hide)

Save your craziest memories while playing Runescape through taking screenshots. The screenshots page here lists more random events, places, while working and others.

Self-expression (hide)

Express yourselves! Discover Runescape more! Know the expressions, have more friends, do the human train, take your own screenshots, make clans and talk in colored texts'.

Items (hide)

Runescape Items may be drop after killing other creatures, drop at special occassions called holiday dropped items, grant by buying or trading, get by free at spawning areas, and items that can only be made by a certain runescape character.

Enemies (hide)

Enemies on Runescape may be categorized into four. These are the:






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