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Runescape Guilds

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The different guilds on runescape for free members.



1st floor


2nd floor

Requirements: 32 Questpoints
Location: Southwest of Varrock

The Champion's guild is for champions only - it means that you have done almost all the non-member quests.

You can find it just outside Varrock to the southwest. There are two floors. You can enter from the door in the northern wall.

Next to the building is a little fenced spot. Inside the fence are chickens. You can get there from inside the building. Not a very popular place for feather collecting, but usually there is someone there.

On the first floor is the Guildmaster, who tells you that this place is the Champion's Guild. He is also the character who starts you on the Dragon Slayer Quest. There are also stairs to the second floor here. In another small room there is a range.

On the second floor is Scavvo and Valaine. Scavvo is the "toy seller". He sells various rune stuff-- skirt, legs, mace, chain, long and shortsword. Valaine runs a general store behind the counter. But it's not a normal store. There you can buy black large, black legs, adamantite platemail body and the blue cape. It used to be that the blue cape told others that you were a champion, but now everyone has them it seems. Once you have done your shopping you can just climb down the ladder and you are outside.

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Requirements: Level 31 Prayer
Location: Monastery East of Ice Mountain
The Prayer Guild is located on the Second Floor of the Monastery.
You can find here the Head Monk, his name is Abbot Langley. If you Speak with him you can Heal yourself or try to join the Prayer Guild. To be able to join, you will need to have 31 Prayer Points.
You can find the Holy Altar where you can boost your Prayer and Receive two extra Prayer Points temporarily boosting your Prayer ability.
Here you can get your own set of Monks Robes which will also Grant you a small Prayer Bonus.
You can find here the Leader of the Monastery, his name is Brother Jered. And he will Bless Holy Symbols for you, (thee Symbols need to have a string attached to them or Brother Jered will not Bless them). Once he Blesses them the re-sale value goes from eighty to 120 Gold Pieces. When worn the symbol gives you a small Prayer Bonus.

1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor

Requirements: Level 32 Cooking
Location: Northwest of Varrock

The Cooking Guild is for experienced cooks, and other than the correct number of Quest Points, you must also be wearing your cook's hat to enter.

The Guild contains just about everything you need for cooking all the RuneScape food items. The only thing really missing is that you must bring your own wheat or meats. All the other basic ingredients will be found inside the Guild.

Floor one contains: Sink, Chocolate Bar respawn, flour chute, and head chef.

Floor two has: Cake tin, bowl, pie tin and two cooking apple respawns, two ranges, the millstone and an emergency escape ladder

Floor three: cooking apples, jug, grapes, pot respawns and grain hopper

Requirements: Mining Level 60
Location: In Falador east of the southern bank, underground

The Mining Guild is a good place for coal mining because there are 20 coal rocks. On the southern side there are also three mithril rocks and that's all there is.

You can enter the Mining Guild from two places. In Falador, there is little house east of the southern bank with a dwarf standing at the door. Try to climb down the ladder and if you've got enough mining levels you get in. And the Dwarven Mine entrance which is on the southern side past the scorpions. There is also a dwarf at the door here.

If your mining level is not at least 60 they both say, "Sorry only the top miners are allowed here". Tip: If your mining is 59 you should use dwarven stout and go in because it's really easier to mine coal there than anywhere else.

Requirements: 40 Crafting Points
Location: Southwest of Falador

The Crafting Guild is for skilled craftsmen and other than the required Questpoints, you must also be wearing your brown apron to enter the building.

The Guild is a two story building with cattle pen and mining area. It contains almost everything you need for most of the crafting projects.

When you first enter the building you're met by the Master Craftsman and upstairs there is a tanner, who will purchase leather goods from you. The cows in the pen outside will furnish the hides for leather projects, and you can get shears from the guild to use on the sheep just north of the building. But you must bring needle and thread to make the leather goods.

You can also spin yarn from the wool using the Guild's spinning wheel.

The mining area is nice-- bring your own pick-- but you'll need to run over to the Makeover Mage to rest. In fact, the really big thing missing is a smelting furnace for the ore and for jewelry making.

Floor one contains: Potter's wheel, pottery furnace (kiln), pitcher, chisel, hammer, and "ammy" mold. The mining pit can be entered from the first floor as well, but the cow pen can only be reached from the outside.

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