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Do not waste your time while the clock is running.  Know and familiarize the whole place in Runescape.

Use the World Map as a reference.



Lumbridge is where you start after the tutorial, it is also the spot where you spawn after you died.  You can start quests here such as Cooks' Assistant, Rune Mysteries, Restless Ghost, and Sheep Shearer. 
You may go first inside the castle to start the "Cook's Assistant" quest then climb upstairs.  You will find another quest which is the "Rune Mysteries" quest.  Go outside.  You will find another quest in the church.  It is the "Restless Ghost" quest. 
Head to the road to your east then stop on the intersection.  The road to your north is to 'Varrock'.  The road to your east is to 'Al Kharid'.  Go north to get milk from the cows.  Bring a bucket then use it with cows.  Past the cow's pen is where you can get an egg. 
Go back near the gates of the castle.  Head to the north road.  You will pass the store.  right from the store is a furnace.  You may fish near the furnace.  Follow the road to the west until you will find another quest,  the "Sheep Shearer" quest.  You can find a free shear spawning near the farmer's house near the wheatfield.  You can also find onions below for making dyes.  Go pick some wheat.  Then follow the road to the north and you will find the windmill.  It is where you can make a flour.  Climb up then put the wheat on the hopper then operate it.  Climb down and empty flour bin using a pot on it.   
If you want to keep your items on the bank for safe-keeping, follow the road to the west from the farmer's house.  Stop on the intersection then go down until you will see the bank.  You are in 'Draynor Village'.  You can start the "Vampire Slayer" quest here and "Ernest the Chicken".  Go back to where the sheeps are located near the farmer's house and start shearing sheeps then spin the wools on the spinning wheel to make it into balls of wool.  There's a spinning wheel located on the castle near the duke's room.  Give the balls of wool to the farmer  then withdraw the cake ingredients you deposited on the bank and give it to the cook.
Take the road in between the store and the sheeps.  Go down when you see a road.  The bridge below will lead you to the 'Wizards Tower'.  Don't cross the bridge yet but instead go to the swamps located east from the bridge.  You will pass the ruins.  You can make water ruins here.  Head to your east until you will find the house where Father Urhney is.  Wear the amulet.  Then go to the 'Wizards Tower'.  Climb down the basement.  You will find here the lost skull of the ghost.  Take it.  Give the talisman to the wizard also located here.  Give the research package to Aubury.  He is located in 'Varrock'.  See the map where the 'Magic Shop' is.  It is below the east bank.  Go to the cemetery in Lumbridge at the back of the church where the ghost is located.  Put the skull to the coffin.  Take the notes back to the wizard located in the 'Wizards Tower'.  You may now teleport yourself to the 'icefield' by asking the Seridnor or Aubury to mine rune essence.  Climb up the 'Wizards Tower' and you will find another quest, the "Imp Catcher" quest.


Draynor Village

Draynor Village
'Draynor Village' is located west from Lumbridge.  North from 'Wizards Tower'.  East from 'Port Sarim'.  South from the 'Barbarian's Village'.  It is where you can start the quests "Ernest the Chicken" and "Vampire Slayer". 
"Ernest the Chicken" quest is started by talking to Veronica.  She is walking back and forth outside the 'Draynor Manor'  north from the house where you started the "Vampire Slayer" quest.  You can find a garlic on the 2nd floor of the house on the cupboard needed for "Vampire Slayer" quest. 
Left from the house is where you can make dyes and skin paste by asking 'Aggie the Witch'.  Dyes and skin paste is needed for "Prince Ali Rescue"quest.  Dyes are also used in "Goblin Diplomacy" quest.  You will need red berries, 2 woad leaves and 2 onions to make 3 colored dyes. 
Below the house where you started the "Vampire Slayer" quest is where you can find Ned whom you can ask for ropes and wig also needed for "Prince Ali Rescue" quest.  A bank is located here.  It is the easiest and nearest to bank access for new players.  A prison is located east from the bank.  The jail is where you can find Prince Ali if you're into "Prince Ali Rescue" quest and  where you can find also Leela roaming around near from here.  A market is located left from the bank where you may buy toy horses.  Below the market near the bank is where you can fish.
Do the "Vampire Slayer" quest if your level is strong enough for the level 31 Count Dracula so you may be able to defeat him.

Wizards' Tower


Wizards Tower
It is where you can start the "Imp Catcher" quest by talking to the wizard located on the 3rd floor of the tower.  You can get the skull for the "Restless Ghost" quest here on the basement.  It is also where the wizard is located, the one who needs the air talisman on "Rune Mysteries" quest.  Imps can be found in anywhere in Runescape. 
Fences and cages helps you do ranging much easier without losing any health.  You may bring your bow to level-up your ranging by shooting the demon imprisoned here.

After you finished Rune Mysteries quest, you can teleport to the ice field by asking the wizard Seridnor.  The ice field has four mining areas where you can mine rune essences.  You can also teleport from Aubury in Varrock.  You can teleport back by walking to the glowing circle.  Circle around the rune essence to find the portal.



You can start four quests here.  Shield of Array, Demon Slayer, Romeo and Juliet and Dragon Slayer. 
Varrock has a palace located to the north.  There are two banks here.  West from the palace located east of Juliets' house and the other on the east.  The east bank provides faster rune essence depositing because below the bank is the magic shop where you can teleport to the ice field to mine rune essences. There are also two mine spots located here.  Near the Champions' Guid and one right from the Stone Henge.
There are two pubs here.  The one below the general store is the Blue Moon Inn where you can find Johny the Beard if you're joining the Phoenix Gang.  He owns the scroll required before entering the Phoenix Gang which is located below the Inn underground.  The other gang which is the Black Arm Gang is located opposite the location of Phoenix gang below the sword shop.  And the other pub which is the Jolly Boar Inn is located near the wilderness northeast from the palace.  It is where you can find Dr. Harlow whom gives you the stake for the "Vampire Slayer" quest.  Below the pub is where you can find the location of mystic ruins for making earth runes north east from the east gate of Varrock.  Right from the pub is the Lumber Yard.
"Shield of Array" quest is started by talking to Reldo in the library inside the palace. 
"Demon Slayer" quest is started by talking to Gypsy located after the Dress Shop.  The demon Delrith is located outside the gates of Varrock in the Stone Henge.
"Romeo and Juliet" quest is started when you talk to Juliet in here house left from the west bank.  The Cooks' Guild is located at the back of Juliets' house.  West from the Cooks' Guild is an underground where you may get big bones from killing giants. 
"Dragon Slayer" quest is started by talking to the guild instructor inside 'Champions Guild'.  It requires 32 quest points before you can enter.
There are six shops encircling the fountain outside the entrance of the palace.  These are the staff shop, dress shop, sword shop, archery shop, chainmail shop, magic shop and human rendered services such as the fur trader and apothecary.  And two other shops inside the Champions Guild which are the Valaine's Shop of Champions and Scavvo's Rune Store.

Al Kharid


Al Kharid
Go to Al Kharid if you want to finish the "Prince Ali Rescue" quest.  You may pay a 10 g fee at the gates east from Lumbridge or you may took the north road to Varrock from Lumbridge stop at road intersection then follow the road to your right  and go down until you will find the desert.  You will pass the mine.  Below, near the mine are the mystic ruins where you  can make fire runes.  Go down and you will find the first store which is the gem shop.  Next to it is the silk trader then the scimitar shop.  East from  the scimitar shop is the crafting shop.  Below the crafting shop is the general store.  Next to the general store is legs' shop.  Below the legs' store is the skirt shop.  West from the scimitar shop is the tannery, where you may tan hides.  Below the tannery is a furnace.  Next the furnace is the Kebab seller then the bank.  Below the bank is where you may catch fish. 


Barbarian Village

Barbarian Village
You can get to the Barbarian Village from Varrock, Draynor Village, Edgeville and Falador.  From Varrock, follow the road to the west.  From Draynor village, pass the Draynor Manor, go north.  From Edgeville, go down and from Falador, follow road to your east.
A mine site is located here.  You can craft pots, bowls and pie dishes on the potters wheel.  You can get a free ax from fighting Barbarians'.  You can get free beers spawning on the bar.  There's a helmet shop here.  Right from the shop is the spinning wheel.  You may fish on the lake side.  The mystic ruins for body is located west from the Barbarian Village below monastery.



You can go to Edgeville if you move north from the Barbarian Village.  There's a bank located here.  There's a dungeon below the bank.  There's a mining site in the dungeon.  Edgeville is the place where you may find Oziach if you want to buy rune mails after doing the Dragon Slayer quest.  Right from Oziach's store is the General Store.


Around Ice Mountain

Around Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain is where you can find the Oracle for "Dragon Slayer" quest.  North from the Ice Mountain is the 'Black Knights' Castle'.  East is the 'Monastery'.  South is the 'Dwarven Mine'.  West is the 'Goblin Village'.  You can start the "Goblin Diplomacy" quest on the Goblin Village.  Below the Goblin Village is where you may start "Dorics' Quest".  You will find the mystic ruins for making mind runes on the land between the Goblin Village and Ice Mountain.  The dwarven mine is where the other map piece is located for the "Dragon Slayer" quest.  A mining shop and a general store is located here.



A palace is located here.  Follow the road straight down if your from the the north gate.  You can start the quests such as "Black Knights' Fortress" and The "Knights' Sword" in the palace. 
There are two banks here.  On the west and east.  The east bank is good for depositing ores if your mining from the underground mine east from the bank.  Below the bank is the location of the Miners' Guild. 
A general store is located near the north gate of Falador.  Left from the store is the mace shop.  East from the mace shop is the shield shop.  Below the shield shop is a furnace.  You can get a free shade on the house right from the furnace if you will need a spade for the "Pirate's Treasure" quest.  Above the house is the park.  It is where you can dig the pirate's treasure.  You can buy Woad Leaves on Gardner here.  Woad leaves are needed to make green dyes.
The pub sells 3 drinks.  Beer, Asgarnian Ale, and the Dwarven Stout.  The Dwarven Stout is needed for the "Dragon Slayer" quest.
Below the west bank is a gem trader.  Head down and you will find a chain mail shop and a potters' wheel.



Rimmington is located west from Port Sarim.  It is where you can start the "Witch's Potion" quest.  A general store is located here.  Below the store is a crafting shop.  North from the store is the Melzar's Maze.  Right from the maze are onions.  East from the Melzar's Maze is a mine site.  North from the Melzar's maze is the Crafting guild.  North from the Crafting Guild is where you can do make-over with Make Over Mage.  East from make over mage is where you can find the mystic ruins for air west from chicken and cow farm in port sarim.

Port Sarim


Port Sarim
Port Sarim is located south from Falador, west from Draynor Village, east from Rimmington.  It is where you can start the "Pirates' Treasure" quest.
There are five stores located here.  The magic shop.  Below the magic shop is the jewelry shop.  Right from the jewelry shop is an axe shop.  Head right and you will find the pub.  Below the bar is where the pirate is located.  Below the jewelry shop is the fishing shop and below the fishing shop is a food shop where you can get the Karamja rum on the crate for Pirates' Treasure" quest.  Below the food shop is the prison where you may get the other map piece for "Dragon Slayer" quest from the goblin.
Head down from the prison and you will find the location of the Imcando dwarf which is Thurgo.  You can mine the blurite ore in the underground near the dwarfs' house.  A fishing spot is located near his house.  There's a church near the fishing spot.
You can ride the ship here to go to the Karamja by paying 30g.  You can buy Lady Lumbridge ship here for 2000g for the "Dragon Slayer" quest.



You can ride the ship from Port Sarim to get to Karamja.  It is where you can buy Karamja Rum for "Pirates' Treasure" quest on the pub.  A general store is located right after the bar.  You can fish near the banana plantation and catch lobsters.  A dungeon is located on the west.  The gate in the dungeon lets you go to Crandor after finishing the Dragon Slayer quest.



Wilderness is located all the way north.  As you go forward, you will see signs saying its not safe to go on.  It's really not safe cause there are high-level monsters and other creatures you will encounter as you wonder through.  Other players might attack and kill you as well.  But there are also valuable items spawning here. It is where you can only get planks for "Dragon Slayer" quest, pizza bases if you want to bake pizza, burnt bones and magic runes. 
If your level is too low, never bring items cause you will lose it if you get killed.  But if your level is high enough and you have the best armour and weapon to wear and use,  then you can be assured that your secure enough to wonder around. 
If your careful enough, you will survive.  Wondering is the best thing to do while your on the wilderness so you can familiarized the whole place.
The places you can find here are the Chaos Temple, Bone Yard, Ruins, Graveyard of Shadows, the Forgotten Cemetery,  Bandit Camp, Dark Knight Fortress.  Above the Forgotten Cemetery is a church,  head to the east and you will pass the Lava Maze then the Red Dragon Isle.  Above the Isle is the Demonic Ruins.  There are also mining spots scattered in the wilderness.



You can get to Crandor if you will buy the Lady Lumbridge ship in Port Sarim then repair it as your doing the "Dragon Slayer" quest.  It is where you can fight the Dragon.  You can get Dragon hides from killing it.  After the ship has wrecked, you can still go to Crandor through the gate in Karamja in the dungeon.  There are four mining spots around here.

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