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You must first wield a weapon.  Choose your attack style.  You will be able to wield weapons and armour according to your combat level.

Cooking enables you to cook meat, fish, bake bread, pie, cake, pizza, cook stew and make wine.

You may craft leather into armour, make glasswares, do jewelry including making rings and cutting gems, do pottery and make amulets.

Before making fire, you will need to have a tinderbox and logs.  You may burn different logs according to your firemaking level.
Fishing includes fishing items such as net, feathers, fishing rod, harpoon and lobster pot.  You catch different fishes according to your fishing level.

You will need to have first a pick axe in order to mine.  You may able to mine different ores according to your mining level. You can mine randomly gems.

Burry any kinds of bones to level-up prayer.  You will be able to use a prayer skill according to your prayer level.  Some items can give you a prayer bonus.

You will need a bow to level-up ranging.  You will be able to wear different ranging armour according to your range level.

You will need to have a talisman according to the magic rune you are crafting.  Use the right talisman to the right mystic ruin.  You may craft different magic runes according to your runecrafting level.

You must use the furnace for smithing and you will need also hammer and anvil. You may be able to make bronze to an armour and smelt different ores into bars according to your smithing level.

You will need to have an axe in order to cut trees.  You will be able to cut different trees according to your woodcutting level.

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