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You can search on crates and treasure chests to get money.  You can get also other items besides getting money.  You can also search haystacks, but you will not get money.
If you were given a lamp by a genie, wish to level-up your points on a certain skill that's related with the guilds requirements because guilds makes your work for your skills much faster and easier.  There are five usable guilds for free members.  These are the Champions' Guild, Crafting Guild, Miners' Guild, Prayers' Guild and Cooks' Guild.  So choose skils such as crafting, mining, prayer and cooking.
Free health healing on the monastery.  Ask the monks to heal your life.

Always store items on the bank for safe-keeping then withdraw it later if you will need such items.

Finish Prince ALi quest to pass Al Kharid without payment.
Kill chickens, bury their bones to level-up easily prayer points.
Take foods with you which increases your life more faster such as lobsters rather than cakes.

The best way to survive in the wilderness is to bring nothing with you then you can freely wonder around without losing any valuable items if you die.  The wilderness is very fatal cause other players might attack and kill you.  There are also high-level monsters you will be encountering.  The best time to wonder on the wilderness with your armour, weapons and other items is when your level is high enough.

Kill chickens, collect and sell their feathers to other players for a higher price.
Kill cows, collect and sell hides.
Try mixing your work to level-up skills including combat, woodcutting, firemaking and cooking.  Try it on a cow's pen.
The easiest way to heal your life is killing chickens then cook and eat it.

Have loyal friends who can help you finish quests.  You can do it together for closer bonds.

Other players may cheat.  If you think it is not safe for you to trust other players while in play convincing you for any kinds of suspicious contracts, do not move on, do not follow.

Help others.  You can ask for payment from your service.

Level up your magic to 31 to gain the spell telekinetic grab.  You must have an air and law rune.  Use any magic to kill the goblin on the jail in Port Sarim whom you can get the other map piece for Dragon Slayer quest.  He will drop it after you killed him.  Use the spell to get the map piece without paying him 10000 g.

Other players may sell or trade items at very unreasonable prizes.  Better buy it on the nearest store and see the price difference.

Mine rune essences and sell it to to other players.

Free gem cutting sometimes leads to gem stealing, so choose wisely whom you want it to cut with security.  You may collect gems and cut it yourself but it is more useful when you sell uncut gems to other players rather than selling it to gem traders because the prize greatly differs.

Level-up your fishing skill, catch lobsters and sell it to other players for a higher price.

If a high level player accompanies you, be sure that he will not take you to the wilderness.  He can lead you their and kill you.

Collect quest items you can sell or trade.

Beware of drop parties.  You will kill yourself.  A drop party is a suicide for all the players who joins it.  You will die and drop and lost your items.  A party for a player who can steal the items you have dropped.

Ride the ship from Port Sarim to get to the Banana Plantation Island.  Pick and pack bananas and recieve 30g for every crate full.

Mine 1000 coal then go to Draynor Village and trade it to certs then sell it. 

You can sell siver ore to lady Valaine inside champions' guild 30 g each.

Never let anyone know your password.

The Newbie Instructions

Always bring food.
The best training ground to level-up first your combat  is the chicken barn located east of Lumbridge castle.  Kill chickens to level-up skills such as hitpoints, attack, strength and deffence.
Stop cutting tress when the tree you are cutting turns into living.
Stop fishing when a whirlpool appears on the fishing spot from where you are fishing.
Stop mining when the rocks you are mining smokes.
If you want to level-up your fishing, go west of Lumbridge.  You can fish near the bank or in Al Kharid, below the bank.
If you lost your tinder box, axe or pick axe. you can replace it by buying a new one in the general store or bob's axes store outside Lumbridge castle.
If you lost your net, you can buy a new one at fishing shop in Port Sarim.
If your axes gets unusable, bring it to axe shops to fix it.
If you don't want to spend 10 g upon entering Al Kharid, finish the Prince Ali quest.  Follow the road north if your in Lumbridge.  Take a right then go down.
If you want to gain magic runes the fastest way, finish the Rune Mysteries quest.  Find all talismans.  Use the talisman to get into the crafting areas.  The mystic ruins is the gate to get into the rune crafting places.  Use talisman on the round rock in the center of the mystic ruins.
If you want to mine the fastest way, go to Varrock opposite the Stone Henge where the Black Wizards are or go to Barbarian Village west of Varrock or go to Rimmington, west of Port Sarim.
If you want to smelt ores the fastest way, go to Falador, north of Port Sarim.  Mine on the underground of Dwarven Mine.  Enter the other entrance east of the east bank of Falador.  There's a furnace located west of the east bank.
If you want to dress yourself a new costume, if you want to wear a new armour and wield a new weapon or need other items, visit the Shops section or refer to the world map.

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