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The Black Knights Fortress

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Black Knight’s Fortress

Difficulty: Medium (hard for levels < 40)

Items needed: Medium Bronze Helmet, Iron Chain Mail, regular armor and weapon

Skills needed: 12 quest points

Starting location: Falador, second floor of White Knight's Castle

1. Talk to Sir Amik Varze, located in the white knights castle in Falador. He tells you that their intelligence tells them that the black knights are planning an attack on the white knights with some “secret weapon.” He asks you to help them find out what it is and destroy it.

2. Prepare iron chain mail and a medium bronze helmet. Make them if you have to.

3. Travel north out of Falador and turn right at the fork right outside the northern entrance. Continue north until the gap in the cliffs to the West right before you reach the monks monastery. Walk through the gap and go north until you see the big building. Go to the east side of the building and, wearing your bronze helmet and iron chain mail, enter the door.

4. Ensure you put on your stronger armor. Push on the “odd looking wall in from of you.” Walk up and find the way through the system of ladders and doors to the grill and “listen” on grill. You will hear a meeting between a witch, a goblin, and a black knight. They are talking about an invisibility potion (secret weapon). Go back and leave through the “odd looking wall”.

5. You need a cabbage from the Monastery which is just to the East of the mountain. Cabbages field is in the Northern part of the Monastery. Pick one and return to the castle.

6. Back in the guard’s entrance, try to go through the east door in. The guard, if there currently is one, will tell you that the black knights are currently having a top secret meeting. You go in anyway.

7. Go up the ladder (do it fast, level 31 Black Knight will attack you) and to to another secret wall. Push it. Use the cabbage on the hole (be careful not to eat it.) You should hear the witch yell that the potion was destroyed.

8. To exit just leave through the way you came or teleport.

9. Return to Sir Amik Varze to claim your reward.

Reward: 3 quest points, 2500 gp

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