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Cooks' Assistant

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Cook’s Assistant

Difficulty: Very easy

Items needed: 1 Bucket, 1 Pot

Start location: Lumbridge Castle

1. Talk to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. He asks you to help him make a cake for the duke’s birthday and he needs you to bring him some ingredients. Offer him your help. You need to bring him an egg, milk, and flour.

2. Getting flour. Travel north along the road until you find some wheat fields. Pick some wheat then go to the windmill, which is found right next to the wheat field. Go to the top of the mill and use the grain with the hopper. Then operate the hopper and go to the ground floor and use the pot with the flour.

3. Getting eggs. Eggs can be found by crossing either of the bridges leading east from the castle to the other bank and traveling north to the chicken coop.

4. Getting milk. Go to the cow pasture which is located east of the castle, over the bridges. Use your bucket on a cow.

5. Go back to the cook and give him your ingredients.

Reward: 1 quest point, 300 cooking experience (3 cooking levels for beginners)

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