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Dorics' Quest

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Difficulty: Very easy

Items needed: 6 clay ores, 4 copper ores and  2 iron ores, or a pickaxe and level 15 mining

Start location: Doric's Anvil (North of Falador)

1. Talk to Doric in the hut north-east of the north entrance to Falador. He asks you for some materials. You need to get him 6 clay ores, 4 copper ores and  2 iron ores

2. Go down to the Dwarven Mines and buy everything in the shop (it all will cost around 50-75 gp.) or mine ores in Rimmington mine.

3. Take the materials back to Doric to claim your reward.

Note: you can also prepare all ores and talk to Doric two times :)

Reward: 1 quest point, 180 gp, some mining experience (1300 at level 45 mining), and use of his anvils.

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