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Dragon Slayer

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Dragon Slayer Quest

Difficulty level: Hard for levels below 60

Items needed: 6 steel bars, 3 Planks, bow and arrows or magic combat runes, more than 2000 coins (approximately 2500), a hammer.

Skills needed: Level 34 Smithing, level 33 magic. You need to be a member of the champion's guild (at least 32 Quest Points). You will need best armor and a good weapon - you'll have to kill a level 86 dragon.

Start location: Champion's Guild

1. Talk to the Guild master in the Champions Guild and ask about Rune Plate Mail.

2. Go talk to Oziach. He is located west of Edgeville (Ghost Town). Ask him where the dragon-breath shield is, then ask him where the first piece of the map is. Oziach will give you the key to Melzar's Maze. Ask him now about other two pieces of the map, abut the dragon and the shield.

Map 1 - Melzar's maze

3. Head south towards Falador. Once there, keep going and head west to Melzar's maze. Have the key Oziach gave you in your inventory. You must collect keys from each enemy you meet in the Maze, only one drops the key. The strongest monster will be level 82 (Lesser Demon) so prepare well.

4. Use your maze key on the door on the east side. You will collect keys necessary to advance in the maze by killing the following monsters (sometimes you will have to kill really many to get the key):

  • Red Key: Rat (lvl 6) that respawn in the South Western most corner, and the door to use is the North Western most one. Inside the room go up the ladder. 
  • Orange Key: Ghost (lvl 19) that respawn South West of the latter. Use the key on the 2nd door to the South. Go up the ladder.
  • Yellow Key: Skeleton (lvl 22) the respawn the most South, and the door is all the way to the South West. Go 3 times down the ladder.
  • Blue Key: Zombies (lvl 24 and 25). Go through the door most north (with blue marking).
  • Magenta Key: Melzar the mad (lvl 43). Once you get the Magenta key, go up through the northern door (with magenta marking).
  • Green Key: Lesser Demon (lvl 82) drops the key automatically. Use it on the door on the north wall (with green marking) then open the chest and search it for your map piece.

5. Once you have the other map piece, go up that ladder inside that room, out that door, and go outside.

Map 2 - Oracle

3. Talk to Oracle at the top of Ice Mountain. She will tell you that to get in the room with the map piece you will need to be carrying these items:

  • Crustacean Cage - Lobster Pot - buy it at any fishing store.
  • Bowl that has not seen fire - Unfired bowl - go mine some clay, mix it with water and take it to barbarian village and make a bowl. Do not fire it :)
  • Sheet of worm string - Silk - buy some from Varrock clothing store.
  • Drink of the Mage - Wizard's Mind Bomb - buy it from bar in Falador for 2 coins.

4. The room with the map is in the Dwarven Mine. Go there, head east and go through a door. At the door your bowl, silk and other items should disappear. Search the chest. In the chest you should find the 2nd piece of map. Head west and go back up the ladder.

Map 3 - The Jail

5. Go to your Falador bank and pull out some magic combat runes, or a bow and some arrows. Make sure you bring along one air rune and one law rune and that you have level 33 magic or higher. Now head south to the Port Sarim Jail and attack the Wormbrain Goblin (level 2). He is behind bars so you need magic or bow and arrow to kill him. He'll drop the third piece of map; use telekinetic grab on it to get it. Note that in the new versions you can also buy the map piece from him for 2000 gp.

6. Combine the 3 pieces by using one on the other.

Ready for the Dragon...

7. You need an Anti Dragon Breath Shield. Oziach told you the Duke of Lumbridge Castle has one. Talk to the Duke on the second floor of the castle to receive it. Note that you can get only one and he will know if you have one even if you keep it in your bank. In order to get more shields just drop the shield you received, ask for another, and pick the first one.

8. Head over to Port Sarim and talk to Klarense. He'll sell Lady Lumbridge (a ship) to you for 2000 coins. Buy it.

9. To repair Lady Lumbridge you will need 3 planks, 12 nails (nails are made by lvl 34 smithers from steel bars - 2 nails per bar) and a hammer. Go inside Lady Lumbridge and go down. Use your planks on the hole and fix up your boat. Once that is done, head back to Draynor Village.

10. You will need captain Ned the ol' Captain to sail the boat to Crandor. He's an old captain selling ropes that can be found wandering in Draynor Village. Talk to Ned. Tell him you need him to sail you to Crandor. He'll agree.

11. Make sure right now you have good armor, lots of good food (lobster or above) dragon breath shield, a (1 hand!!!!! Rune scimitar is your best option) weapon, and maybe some potions. Fill your inventory up with best food. Don't rely on magic or archery! Magic or ranged attacks will be returned to you when attacking this dragon (Level 86).

12. Head over to Port Sarim to your boat, sail to Crandor.

13. Exiting the ship you must fight your way to a Stair case and get to the dragon in dungeon under the Isle. Go north, then west inside a little cliff, then north again. The first enemy you meet is a Skeleton (lvl 22) then King Scorpions (lvl 36), next Hobgoblins (lvl 28) and two Lesser Demons (lvl 82) before you reach the stairs.

14. The stairs lead to a cave with more skeletons (lvl 22) and is connected to a hall with the door to the dragon room guarded by Skeletons (lvl 45). Note the door on your right - the lvl 86 Dragon is there!

15. Make sure you wield your Anti Dragon Breath Shield; use your potions before entering the door. Try to attack first. When you go near half health eat! Then attack again. For a lvl 60 player it is a fairly hard battle, for levels 70+ it is easy.

16. After killing the dragon you will be teleported outside the room and in the middle of the lvl 54 skeletons. Use your remaining food, head South, pass Lesser Demons and push the odd looking wall. You'll enter demon cave on Karamja island near the Red deadly spiders (lvl 31). Go up the ladder and just just leave from Karamja Port.

17. Go buy your Rune Plate Mail, the quest is done!

Reward:  2 quest points, 18,650 experience in both strength and defense. You can wear Rune Plate Mail.

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