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Ernest the Chicken

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Ernest the Chicken

Difficulty level: Easy

Items needed: Spade

Start location: Draynor Manor

1. Talk to Veronica near the manor gates. She will ask you to find Ernest who went inside and hasn't been out in an hour. Ernest is out of luck! The mad scientist transformed him into a chicken. To help him get back you need to bring scientist some parts of machine, which gremlins hid all around manor.

2. The first part, Pressure Gauge, is located in the fountain in house garden which is guarded by piranhas. Go inside the house. Go to second floor and find Fish Food. Then go back downstairs, go to the kitchen and find the poison. Use the poison on the fish food to make Poisoned Fish Food.

3. Go East into the small room with the spade and take the spade. Go outside round the house until you reach a fountain. Use the poisoned fish food on the fountain to kill piranhas. Search the fountain to get the Gauge.

4. The second part, Rubber Tube, is locked in a room inside. You need to find a key. Dig through the pile of compost by the cabbages (North of the fountain) by using your spade on it. You'll find the key.

5. Go inside the building. Use the key on the little room with the level 21 Skeleton just behind the main staircase. Grab the Rubber Tubing. The skeleton won't attack you.

6. The last part, Oil Can, is a little harder to find. You need to work with 6 switches and 8 doors in the basement. You will need to use some switches twice. Go to the South-West part of the building, search the bookcase to enter the last room and go down the ladder.

7. Follow precisely these directions:
Pull A. Pull B. Go through NE door.
Pull D. Go through SW door. Go through South door.
Pull A. Pull B. Go through NW door. Go through West door. Go through North door.
Pull F. Pull E. Go through East door. Go through East door.
Pull C. Go through NW door. Go through West door.
Pull E. Go through East door. Go through South door. Go through South door. Go through West door.
Take the Rubber Tubing.

8. With all 3 parts go up a ladder. Go up the main stairs. Next climb up the ladder in the near. Find Professor Oddenstein and he'll tell you what happened to Ernest. After he's done talking, talk to him again and give him the parts. He'll start up the machine and then Ernest will turn back to a human. Then Ernest will reward you.

Reward: 4 quest points and 300 coins.

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