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Goblin Diplomacy

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Goblin Diplomacy

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium

Items needed: 40 coins

Start location: Port Sarim Pub

1. Go to the pub in Port Sarim and talk to the bartender. He will mention the goblin war over the color of their armor.

2. You will need ingredients for making dyes. It's best to collect them while walking through the RS world on the quest. First go west and get 2 onions. Then go to North Falador and buy 2 woad leaves from the gardener. Offer him 20 coins.

3. Go North above Falador and go to the Goblin Village. Talk to General Bentnose and General Wartface about the armor. Tell them you will bring them some armor. Next go to Varrock, and go south of it to the east and collect 3 red berries.

4. You will need now to obtain 3 sets of goblin armor, which are a random drop obtained from killing goblins. You can also usually buy them in the Lumbridge General Store on World 1, where beginning players sell them massively.

5. You will now need to dye your sets of goblin armor to change their color. Talk to Aggie the Witch at Draynor Village, she will inform you first of the ingredients needed to make dyes. She will then make all the dyes for you for a reasonable fee of 5 coins each. Combine the yellow and red dyes to create an orange dye. Then use the orange dye on one of the sets of goblin armor, and use the blue dye on another set of goblin armor. You should now have one orange set of goblin armor, one dark blue set of goblin armor, and one brown set of goblin armor (original color).

6. Return to the Goblin Village and talk to General Wartface & General Bentnose. You will give them the orange set of goblin armor (which they don't want), you will give them the dark blue set of goblin armor (which they don't want), and finally you will give them the original brown set of goblin armor (which they are quite satisfied having the original color armor.)

Reward: 5 quest points, 1 gold bar, 200 crafting experience


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