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Pirate's Treasure

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Pirate's Treasure

Difficulty level: Easy

Start location: The pub in Port Sarim

Items needed: 60 coins, a white apron, a spade

1. Talk to Red Beard Frank at the Port Sarim bar, next to the Battle Axe Shop. In order to begin the quest you need to ask him if he knows where any treasure is.

2. Go to where the ship in Karamja is, and retrieve a ticket from captain Tobias or the sailor. Take the boat to the island which will cost you 30gp.

3. When you get to the island go to the first shop on the left and buy a Karamja rum which will also cost you 30gp.

4. Bringing back rum from Karamja is tricky. Customs officers will not let it go. Ask Luthas the Banana farmer located in the first shop on the right for a job and then go pick bananas for him using the banana trees just east of his hut.

5. When you have 10-12 bananas go to the crate located outside of Luthas' house and hide the rum in the crate. Then use the bananas on the crate until the crate is full. Now talk to Luthas again to get your 30gp payment. After that, ask him where the bananas are going.

6. Talk with the customs officer and let her search you, if you have placed the rum in the crate she will let you to board the ship which will take you back to Port Sarim.

7. To recover the Rum Bottle you need a white apron, which can be found in the cloth shop in Varrock. Go to the food store in Port Sarim. Put on your apron and talk to Wyndin and ask for a job. He will tell you that you need to provide your own apron. Tell him you have your own and he will hire you

8. Once you get the job you will be allowed back into the back of the store. Search the crate and you will find your bottle of rum.

9. Take the rum back to Red Beard Frank in the Port Sarim bar and he will tell you to retrieve the treasure from a chest at the Blue Moon Inn which he will give you a key to.

10. Once in Varrock go to the second floor of the Blue Moon Inn to find the chest. Use the key on the chest to receive a note. The note says to dig behind the bench that is furthest south in the park located in Falador.

11. Go back to the park in Falador and use your spade (you can either buy at a general store or pick up for free at Draynor Manor near the exit) near the statue of Saradomin, in the centre of the cross. Watch out Wyson the gardener. He does not like you digging up his flowers and will attack you. If he attacks, kill him and then use your spade on the flowers and you will get the treasure.

Reward: 2 quest point, 450gp, 1 cut emerald, 1 gold ring

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