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Prince Ali

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Prince Ali Rescue

Difficulty level: Easy, but long

Items needed: 45-60 coins to get through the Al Kharid gate and for other minor expenses. You can prepare ahead: 2 buckets of water, a rope (or 4 balls of wool), next  3 balls of wool, two onions, 1 red berry, 1 bronze bar, 3 beers, fire ashes, 1 pot of flour, 1 clay, a pink skirt.

Star location: Al Kharid Palace

1. Go to Al Kharid and talk to chancellor Hassan in the palace. He will then send you to his manager, Osman.

2. Talk with Osman, and he tells you that Lady Keli has kidnapped the Prince and he wants you to rescue him. If you ask him, he will tell you all the ingredients for the quest:

3. Go to Varrock and buy a Pink Skirt at the clothing store and three beers - these will be used to get the bodyguard drunk. Mine also 1 clay in the Varrock West mine and make one bronze bar (will be used for making a key to the jail.) Use the water on the clay to make soft clay.

4. Next, travel just south-east of Draynor Bank. There you will find a Jail which is where the Prince is locked up. Just north-west of the jail, you will find Leela, a daughter of Osman, who is a spy. Talk to her and she will tell you how to use the tools you've collected.

5. Around the village just north of Draynor Bank, you will find a witch Aggie who will make you a yellow dye (out of two onions) and makeup (out of water, red berries, fire ash and water). Also in this village you will find Ned the Seaman, who will make you a rope (out of 4 balls of wool) and a wig (out of 3 balls of wool). Use the yellow dye on the wig.

6. Talk to Leela, the daughter of Osman, outside of the Jail and she will tell you about the key that you will need to open the jail and rescue the prince.

7. Go into the jail house talk to Lady Keli and ask her if you can see the key. You will automatically take an imprint.

8. Now head over to Al Kharid. Once there, talk to Osman again and he'll tell you to go back to Leela. But while you're there ask Osman if you're missing anything. He'll go through the list. He will possibly say you're missing something. If you're missing anything, go get it.

9. Head back to the Jail and then talk to Leela again. She'll give you the key and ask what you're going to do about the guard. Tell her you're going to get him drunk. She says good idea, then after that, go tie up Lady Keli.

10. The prince will need to disguise himself in the wig, skirt and make-up so give the items to him.

11. Go to the Jail, talk to Joe, and tell him "Here take some of these beers." He'll drink one, then you'll give him the rest and he'll be drunk. 

12. Go into your inventory and use the rope on Lady Keli. It'll say you've tied her up. 

13. Use the key on the door and talk to Prince Ali. You'll chat, you give him the disguise, and he escapes.

14. Use the rope on Lady Keli and go into the Jail with the key. Talk with the Prince, he will take your disguise and escape.

Finally return to Al Kharid and talk to the chancellor Hassan for your reward.

Reward: 700gp, 3 quest points

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