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Restless Ghost

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Restless Ghost

Difficulty level: Easy

Items Needed: none

Start Location: Lumbridge Church

1. Go to the church in Lumbridge, talk to the Priest (Father Aereck); he'll tell you about the ghost haunting his church.

2. Go west around the long fence and than go south-east until you find a hut. Talk to Urhney there and tell him the Priest sent you. He'll give you the amulet of ghost speak. Wear it.

3. Go back to the church and go South-east into the graveyard, open the coffin. Then talk to the ghost about his problems. Find out about the skull.

4. Head to the Wizard's tower south of Draynor Village. Go down the ladder into the cellar and grab the skull down there. A skeleton (level 13) will attack you. Kill it and take the skull.

5. Go back to the ghost in Lumbridge. Put the skull in the coffin. Your quest is done. The ghost will thank you. 

Reward: 1 quest point, some prayer experience (1125 on level 28)

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