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I started making this site last 2004.  And i'm only 17 yrs. old when i made this.  Age doesn't matter if you are going to apply for the clan because i'm not the one leading it.  The highest level and skilled player who is the member of the clan has the authority to lead it. 
At that age, no doubt it looked so horrible when it was first published.
A runescape name image center aligned with four navigation links above.  The first four pages of this site are the hompage, quests, guilds and skills.
Then an idea of which changes the image on the homepage which i draw by myself.  This is the drawing: But i have changed it now and that is the one you always see everytime you visit runesquare. Having runesquare as the title of the site did not registered on my mind as soon as i tried thinking something nice and that can be remembered easily.  If other sites own names starting with rune, so as an imitator.  I plagarized the name Runescape as the site's title which is Runesquare.  RS means double now.
Runescape and Runesquare.
I'm from Iloilo, Philippines.  Thank you all for the appplicants who applied in the Globule Triad Clan that came from other parts of the world.
I'm,  a student of Mass Communication in the 3rd level, spu iloilo.  So, if you are from the same school, feel free to know me and maybe we can be friends and both play runescape if i have the time. 


Thank you.  Hoping you somehow enjoyed visiting this site.  You may use the guestbook for complete reply of answers of your questions.


-Isyan Nice. -Kenneth 13 Fellow -Zamoroc678 - i always greet him... Hi Zam! -Samtha34 Samantha from Singapore (she is very good, as she says) Got a lot of your level below and upper. My RS friends

I'm at photography.

A view of Boracay.

Also on painting.

A fanart of Spiderman.


My midi compositions.

And on Poetry?

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